Since 1989, I have been based in Cape Town, working as a Counselling Psychologist with a private practice in Noordhoek and Panorama.

As from October 2011 I’m moving to Barrydale, from where I will
continue practicing in Cape Town (Noordhoek/Fish Hoek/Panorama) and Swellendam.

Though my mother tongue is Afrikaans, I’m fully bilingual.  I have expanded my work from private practice to also include organisational consulting & personnel/staff development  for medium seized companies.

My approach is eclectic, though highly systems and psycho dynamically orientated.

I’m a member of the international, New York based Dignity and Humiliation Society (DHS), and are currently writing a book on Humiliation in South Africa, with particular reference to the trauma of the Anglo-Boer war and it’s consequence.
I am also registered as a Counselling Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council of South-Africa (HPCSA).

I hold a masters degree in clinical psychology MSc (Clin Psych).


From January 1971 I lectured Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch, Rand Afrikaans University (now UJ), and the University of the Free State.  In 1989 I returned to Stellenbosch as professor of Counselling Psychology and from 1997 to end of 2001 I was head of the Psychology Department. 

In the last 12 years in academia I have developed a special interest in adult development.  This is a relatively new area in Psychology which focuses on the changes and development adults go through during the adult years.  

Since 2002 I am in private practice as a careers consultant, focusing on subject choices for grade IX’s and career counselling for learners and adults.  In this work I am well informed by my knowledge of adult development. 

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